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              Antioxidant 2246-A

              Chemical name:2,2’-methlylene-bis(4,6-ditertbutylphenol) 
              Molecular formula :  C29H44O2
              Molecular weight :  424.65 
              Structural formula : 

              Physical and chemical properties:White powder, relative density 1.04,insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents.

              Use:Antioxidant properties of antioxidant 2246 – A is similar to antioxidant 2246, can be equally used.

               Packing:  The outer packing is kraft paper compound bag, the inner packing is plastic bag , each bag gross weight is 20 kg or 25 kg. Storing and transporting according to the general chemicals. 

              Annual production :500 tons